At the club we have a code of conduct that everyone must adhere to. This code of conduct is to keep the sessions running as smoothly and as safely as possible. 

The one rule for us all at D.R.H.C is that everyone will act with courtesy and consideration towards others at all times.

This means that you:

1.      Will always try to understand other peoples’ points of view.

2.      When playing & training you will make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn, thus enabling the coach & manager to train everyone. This means arriving promptly and getting ready quickly. Following instruction, not being disruptive or wasting valuable hall time will make life much easier for EVERYONE!!!

3.      You should not hit; strike or threaten any person, at any time. Neither will any violation to others in any way or form will be tolerated at all.

4.      Always clear up any litter you have, as you are representing your club. And we all wish to maintain a good reputation at all times.

5.      You will respect the property of others.

6.      Whilst you’re playing or training in mixed age groups, take care & consideration to younger & smaller players as we are all part of the club.

7.      Always help to set up & put away. (Will be greatly appreciated)

8.      Remember to always welcome new members and show tolerance towards them. Everyone is equally welcome & important

9.      Throwing of equipment will not be tolerated. IT IS DANGEROUS.

10.   Please try to avoid swearing on a continuing basis, it’s not clever and is generally causing offence, to everyone.

11.   Volunteers and all club members have a right to be treated with courtesy and respect. Also volunteers should be able to carry out their duties, without fear of harassment or aggression.

Code of conduct pdf download